Our team has been working on developing biomaterial ink formulations that can be customized for specific bioprinting procedures, as well as for use with particular cell types or coculture systems to optimize performance. For example, we have developed a biomaterial ink composed of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which, when combined with specific bioactive peptides, can facilitate the bioprinting of endothelial cells or primary neurons, and support vasculogenesis or neuron outgrowth, respectively.

(Patent WO/2021/250186, H Oliveira, et al. Bioprinting, 2021.)

Our focus has primarily been on utilizing polymers and composites derived from the extracellular matrix, as these have demonstrated superior performance for most applications. Additionally, we take into account the specific requirements of each cell type and adapt the ink formulations to achieve optimal printability with each bioprinting technology.

We are available to assist you in identifying the best formulation for your particular application, offer testing of multiple bioink formulations, or even collaborate with you to develop a new biomaterial ink from scratch that suits your specific needs.

Biomaterial inks